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Algae bloom in Qingdao, China from article here

Required Reading/Viewing

We will concentrating on discussing algal biofuels and cellulosic ethanol.

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  1. products - Ethanol [Sugarcane]
    As a starting point, describes how ethanol from sugarcane is being used in Brazil.
  2. Error fetching PMID 19963372: [Sims2010]
    Review of technology and issues related to cellulosic ethanol. Skim the article for key details.
  3. INEOS Bio company video [INEOS]
    Promotional video for a company producing cellulosic ethanol. Watch on YouTube.
  4. Error fetching PMID 20139239: [Radakovits2010]
    Review of technology behind algal biofuels. Skim the article for key details.
  5. Sapphire Energy company video [Sapphire]
    Promotional video for a company pursuing algal biofuels and bioproducts. Watch on YouTube.
All Medline abstracts: PubMed | HubMed

Additional Resources

  1. Jonathan Trent "Energy from floating algae pods." TEDGlobal Talk, June 2012. [Trent2012]
    This is a more speculative vision of biofuels. Watch at
  2. Andrew Jacobs. "With Surf Like Turf, Huge Algae Bloom Befouls China Coast." July 5, 2013. [Jacobs2013]
    Read article on