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Assignments for Synthetic Biology

First assignment: Using and critiquing a wiki

To become familiar with the process of making a wiki and critiquing a wiki, each student will select one previously made wiki (from the 2012 or 2013 classes), "clone it" into the "First assignment" with an appropriate link, and then critique the wiki.

First Assignment

The critique should use the Wiki Feedback Worksheet.

Word Document version: Wiki Feedback Worksheet

Second assignment:

Genome Compiler: Two part assignment.

Part I: Upload your initial (codon optimized) gene with promoter, RBS, CDS, and terminator to this location.

Dennis's first Genome Compiler: Dennis's Motility genes

Second Assignment Files, Part I

Part II: Download someone else's "initial gene" and add it to your construct. Remember, you will need to re-optimize their gene to match your organism. To successfully download the file, you may need to right click on the link, and save the link as a .txt file. This can be opened by Genome Compiler.

Second Assignment Files, Part II

Part III: How would you assemble your gene(s) using Gibson assembly?

This page will be updated and populated with assignments as the class moves forward.