DNA for Information Storage (Microbes as Machines)

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Analysis of when it's economical in terms of timescale and amount of information to use DNA storage [1].

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...DNA storage is very dense. At theoretical maximum, DNA can encode two bits per nucleotide (nt) or 455 exabytes per gram of single-stranded DNA. [2]

Required Reading/Viewing

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    George Church encodes his book [1] in DNA. See the [supplement] for lists of previous biological information storage.
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    Commentary on above paper.
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Assigned Papers

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    More detailed treatment of costs/benefits of DNA storage by EBI and CERN teams. Commentary article by Ed Yong: Shakespeare’s Sonnets and MLK’s Speech Stored in DNA Speck
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    Addition of storage in silica to stabilize DNA. Press release by ETH Zurich: Data-storage for eternity
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