Seed Banks versus De-extinction (Biotechnology and Society 2016)

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The extinct passenger pigeon.

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Everyone: Overview

Required Reading/Viewing

Additional Resources

Seed Bank Czar

Required Reading/Viewing

Thylacine Czar

Required Reading/Viewing

Wooly Mammoth Czar

Required Reading/Viewing

  • Born to rewild Eli Kintisch Science Dec 4, 2015 – Article describing "Pleistocene Park" in the Mammoth Steppe. What is the role of restoring this land to the state it was in when mammoths roamed?
  • Scientists Want to Bring Back Woolly Mammoths — But Why? Harry Smith et al. NBC News May 22, 2016 – Article that brings together the whole cast of characters, including one from the cloning topic.
  • How to Clone a Mammoth Beth Shapiro The Long Now Foundation May 11, 2015.