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Your team page: https://2019.igem.org/Team:Austin_UTexas


Official iGEM Guidelines

http://2018.igem.org/Resources/Wiki_Editing_Help https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting

Creating a New Page

Your pages must be named in this format: Team:Austin_UTexas/PageName

You are allowed to categorize things by adding extra slashes to the name like this: Team:Austin_UTexas/CategoryName/PageName

The easiest way to create a new page is to create a link (on another page) and then click on that link to edit the new page. To do this, you can edit a page to contain a link in one of these two ways:

[[CH391L/S14/YourPageName | Link text that you want to display rather than page name]]

If you want the new page to show up in the menu, you need to edit the template.

If you "lose" a page and can't find it via a link by know the name, just type a URL of this form in your browser:


External Links

There is a different format for linking to pages outside of the Wiki:

[https://mediawiki.org MediaWiki]

You can find more examples here.

Adding Images and Files

Your pages must be named in this way "T--OFFICIAL team name--File_name".

If you (or someone else!) uploads a file with the same name, it will overwrite the older version.

  1. First click the "Upload file" link in the left sidebar and upload your file or image to the OWW Wiki.
    • You should give your file a very descriptive name, so that it doesn't clash with files uploaded by others.
    • Prefix the upload filename with the course number and date so that it will be obvious where it came from.
    • e.g., CH391L_S14_Your_File_name.png or CH391L_S14_Your_File_name.txt
  2. Now edit the Wiki page where you want the file to be linked from or the image displayed.
    • For images, to display the image embedded in the page add a tag of the form:
      [[Image:CH391L_S14_Your_File_name.png | frame | right | Short description of image]]
      If the image needs to be resized within your topic page, you can specify to use a thumbnail:
      [[Image:CH391L_S14_Your_File_name.png | thumb | left | Short description of image]]
      Or a fixed number of pixels for the width:
      [[Image:CH391L_S14_Your_File_name.png | thumb | right | 150 px | Short description of image]]
      You can can also specify some additional display options for images, including adding a border.
    • For files, you can link to the file using this Wiki markup:
      [[Media:CH391L_S14_Your_File_name.png | Name of link to your file]]
      It will link to the page which gives details about the file (when it was uploaded, its size, etc.) instead of directly to the file, if you use this syntax:
      [[File:CH391L_S14_Your_File_name.png | Name of link to your file]]