De-extinction (Biotechnology and Society)

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Download Pre-Discussion Questions (PDF)

The extinct passenger pigeon.

Required Reading/Viewing

  1. Stewart Brand TED Talk (Feb 2013) "The dawn of de-extinction. Are you ready?" (20 min) [Brand2013]
  2. Michael Archer TED Talk (March 2013) "How we'll resurrect the gastric brooding frog, the Tasmanian tiger" (20 min) [Archer2013]
  3. Carl Zimmer. (April 2013) "Bringing Them Back to Life" National Geographic Magazine. Article Link [Zimmer2013]
    Also read "Your de-extinction questions answered" (required).
    There are a host of (optional) related articles and videos linked from the National Geographic De-extinction page.
  4. The Long Now Foundation: Revive & Restore [LongNow]
    See especially the links under "Candidates".

Additional Resources

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  1. Error fetching PMID 20439435: [Noonan2010]
    Describes efforts to sequence the Neanderthal genome.