Chemical Synthesis of Life (Biotechnology and Society)

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Protocell consisting of a fatty acid vesicle encapsulating nucleic acids. From

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Required Reading/Viewing

We'll discuss two different types of chemically synthesized "protocells".

Error fetching PMID 19351200:
  1. Marchant, J. "Oil droplets mimic early life." Nature News Feb. 2011. Read Article [Marchant2011]
    News article describing Hanczyc and Szostak systems.
  2. Hanczyc, M. "The line between life and not-life" TED Talk May 2011. (15 min). Watch on [Hanczyc2011]
  3. Error fetching PMID 19351200: [Toyota2009]
    Paper describing the chemistry behind the movies.
  4. Szostak, J.W. "Part 1: The Origin of Cellular Life on Earth" iBIology Lecture. July 2011 (55 minutes). Watch on [Szostak2011]
    You can skip past the general intro to minute 10 with the slide "Modern Life".
  5. Visit Exploring Origins Website [ExploringOrigins]
    Website further describing the components of Szostak protocells. Read through this as if it were an article.

Additional Reading/Viewing

  1. Complete series of three Szostak lectures. Watch on [Szostak2011b]